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Anthony Rother


Starting out
Anthony Rother made his name on the German electro scene with two releases: “Sex with the Machines (1997) and “Simulationszeitalter” (2000). The producer from Offenbach, Germany, founded his own record label “Psi49Net” in 1998, before establishing himself on the international electro music scene with the electro pop project “Little Computer People” (2001), the album “Hacker” (2002) and more.

Albums & tracks
In 2004, Rother founded “Datapunk”, another artistic platform which allowed him to take his sound in a different direction to that of “Psi49Net”. This label saw the birth of albums such as “Popkiller” and “Super Space Model” (2006), which were loved by critics and listeners alike. In producing “Moderntronic” in 2007, Rother took his music in a new direction: a mixture of electro and techno. His first entirely digitally-produced album, “My Name Is Beuys Von Telekraft”, followed in 2008. The sound embodied by the first “Popkiller” album was followed up in 2010 by a sequel, “Popkiller II”, which also serves as a look back at the development of his music. Rother continued by exploring his experimental side on a succession of CDs released by the Frankfurt- based label Fax Records. These included the album “62 Minutes on Mars” which sold out within just a short matter of time. He then proceeded to reinvent himself in 2014, taking a completely new direction with the albums “Netzwerk der Zukunft” (Psi49net) and “Verbalizer” (Nextdata, founded especially for this song). This served to show that Rotherʼs creativity abounds, even 20 years after starting out in electronic music.

Alongside his international DJ appearances, Rother has long been one of the most popular live acts on the electronic dance scene. For many years, Rother – along with his extensive equipment – was a frequent guest in scene clubs and at festivals all around the world. His new musical concept “Studiophysik” has yet again seen him take a brand new artistic direction. Rother produces brand-new exclusive tracks ahead of his appearances, before remixing them in real time so that his crowds can experience music mixed especially for one single gig. As Rother said in 2015, “I do not compromise or impose time limits on my musical imagination. The audience is a direct part of this artistic programme, which is tailored especially to them”. Since 2014, he is again hosting a variety of events across the Rhein-Main area, giving a new home to high-quality electronic dance tunes.

Since starting out in 1993, Anthony Rother is in demand as a co-producer and remix artist, having worked with a number of prominent artists on the electro scene. He has worked on projects with former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos, as well as frequent collaborations, both productions and remixes, with Sven Väth. These appear on the albums “Contact” and “Fire”, and also as singles and maxi releases. Rother has also worked on remix projects with Nena, DJ Hell, Tiefschwarz, Ellen Alien, Thomas Schumacher and rock institution, the U.S. band AUX-88.


Daniel Stefanik  



More than a decade into Daniel Stefanik's accidental career, and the core of it remains the same: “To make music, that is when you are in love.” The quintessential Stefanik production style is yet to find its limitations. Dub, house, techno and minimal converge, deepness and melancholy encounter maximalist tones, extravagance is steeped in nerdy sound aesthetics, and it's all executed with his unmistakeable style.

Love is constant, love is change. Daniel is loyal to his Leipzig roots and its tightknit scene, his long-running DJ residency at the city's Club Distillery, and to his namesake solo sound that spawned a string of releases for labels like Moon Harbour and Cocoon. Yet his growing involvement with Berlin-based Station B3.1 has evolved his studio nous and instinctive musicality towards film and theatre score arrangements, and the 2015 debut of his alter ego DLSK sought out the headiest moments on the after-hours dancefloors.

Born in a provincial district near Dresden, Daniel fell for techno in the mid-90s, and once he'd taken a heavy dose of electro, and turned out the debut EP Them People in 2003 with Matthias Tanzmann, there was no turning back. Releases and remixes with that special Stefanik-Feder(feather) followed for Cargo Edition, Freude am Tanzen, Dessous, Mobilee, Cocoon, Growin Music, Kann, Dissonant, and Raum…Musik. The end of 2008 saw a the release of Daniel's critically acclaimed solo album Reactivity on Statik Entertainment, superseded only by the epic follow-up Confidence for Cocoon in 2012.

With a range of future-forward projects in the pipeline for 2017 - new music, new album and a Back 2 Back Tour with his best buddy Mathias Kaden, a jazz production that combines modular systems with acoustic instrumentation, and an entire film soundtrack arrangement - Daniel's love story continues to add more and more vital chapters.


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Dapayk Solo

It all started out with an old PC and a borrowed synthesizer. When Dapayk, alias Niklas Worgt, at age 15 first started playing around in his own studio it soon became his second home. Obsessed with the idea of bringing together his favourite music styles from the early 90s in his productions, his journey led him from Drum ’n’ Bass to House and finally to Techno. Playing ping pong with all those different styles and the fact that he wasn’t willing to commit to just one of them, led to the typical Dapayk sound: groovy, edgy and different.

In 2001 he founded his own label Mo’s Ferry Productions, which reflects his sound: a melange of Minimal, Electronica and Breakbeat. With releases on Mo’s Ferry Prod. and other labels such as Stil vor Talent and Herzblut Dapayk has proven his up to dateness for almost two decades. With more than 10 LP releases and over 50 single releases under his belt, he is one of the main protagonists in the world of electronic music. In 2005 he founded the sub label “Fenou”, as a playground for experimental House followed by “RRYGULAR” in 2006, a platform he created for a more reduced Techno sound. In 2009 “DPK” is added to the label family which serves a clean timeless sound and is also known for delivering collector’s items with its coloured limited vinyl.

While working on those different label projects Dapayk was also able to expand his abilities as a producer, working on his own for Dapayk Solo or his alter ego Marek Bois or with other artists, as for the music of Dapayk & Padberg, which is a collaboration with his wife Eva Padberg. When it’s time to get the best out of their tracks in the studio, he also is the man to count on for other artists like Monika Kruse, Marcel Knopf or Kleinschmager Audio.

Dapayk and his Mo’s Ferry Crew are succesfully staging the I Love Vinyl Open Air to make a statement for their big love - the “black beauty”. Since Niklas has been a worldtraveller with his live act for many years, he knows just what a good party needs. He’s using this knowledge to create a unique atmosphere at his festival which is appreciated by more and more guests and fans each year.

In 2016 a documentary about his work as a live act has been released on youtube. Here Dapayk is also a regular contributor with his „Nerdsession“ series, an online platform he uses to create and present new sounds while working with different machines and companies such as Elektron, ROLAND, PIONEER, Elektron, Arturia, Yamaha, AKAI, Native Intruments, KORG an
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Since 2003, Eva Padberg and Niklas Worgt have been releasing music as Dapayk & Padberg via their label Mo's Ferry Prod. A mixture of Minimal, Tech House and Pop influenced the pair’s sound and resulted in Dapayk & Padberg’s debut album 'Close Up' becoming an overnight sensation in the underground Techno scene, showcasing their fresh sound of velvet soft-rocking vocals and raw-plastic beats. The record pushed Dapayk & Padberg into the Top 10 Album chart and Niklas into the Top 10 Producer charts of leading club music magazines such as Groove, Debug and Raveline.
After a two-year hiatus, their celebrated second studio album 'Black Beauty' was released in autumn 2007, receiving the ‘Style Award - Best Performer Domestic’ from Musikexpress.
Another two years down the line in 2009 Mo's Ferry's sublabel Fenou released Dapayk & Padberg’s track ‘Sugar’, which became their second big hit, receiving worldwide radio play.
In 2012 Dapayk & Padberg released their long awaited third long player 'Sweet Nothings' on Berlin label Stil vor Talent. They enriched their repertoire, focusing on electronic ballads, peaking the interest of a wider-audience and helping to break the Top 20 Album chart on iTunes.
2013 saw their album 'Smoke' released on Mo's Ferry Prod. After the summer-infused funky sounds of 'Sweet Nothings', 'Smoke' was a shift to a more melancholic, autumnal record. Groove magazine wrote of 'Smoke' as, "the soundtrack for forging new plans, a thoughtful exile of hectic everyday life and a reminder, that a sigh could mean the world." For the first time, they shied away from the dance floor and created new soundscapes composed of electronica, dubstep, catchy pop elements, classical strings, and an almost songwriter intimacy.
Dapayk & Padberg’s fifth studio LP 'Harbour' is set for release in March 2017, the pair’s sound follows on from 'Smoke', incorporating modern electronica and clear song structures that unite with a curiosity and an eagerness to experiment. Dapayk & Padberg tread harmonious new ways, where one immediately feels at home.


DJ W!LD   

DJ W!LD’s rise to prominence was no overnight phenomenon. Without hype or fanfare, he has grown from hero of the Parisian underground to resident at some of the world’s most acclaimed clubs, with an expansive discography backing up his formidable DJing skills. Since he began making music, his infectious and inventive house, tech and acid productions have graced the likes of Robsoul, OFF Recordings, One Records, Crosstown Rebels sub label RebelLION and many others, whilst his own imprint W serves as a welcome home for much of his finest material.


As the Frenchman’s stock in the production world rise, so too has DJ W!LD grow in status as a DJ, with Circoloco snapping him up as DC10 resident in 2009 and Sven Väth inviting him to join the Cocoon family not long after. Sonar, Fabric and Panoramabar have been just a few of the other highlights from his hectic touring schedule. As the years roll on, DJ W!LD continues to innovate, with new and exciting EPs and LPs always appearing on a regular basis and ranging from house to downtempo and plenty in between. His other label, Catwash records, also continues to be a bastion of high quality electronic music that releases fresh EPs as well as carefully curated compilations and is much loved as a result.


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Egbert Live (GAS only)

It is warm, upbeat, energetic and most of all, irresistible: The Egbert-sound. Egbert VanderGugten is an ordinary Dutch guy, except for the fact that he is THE Dutch techno-act at this moment. In his loft in Rotterdam, Egbert produces one great dance floor track after another. However, no dance floor can hear it. The only witness to the magic he creates are the four walls of his loft until the Dutch techno legend Secret Cinema (Jeroen Verheij) finds him online.
Verheij pulls Egbert out of his loft and gives him, at age 20, a stage to perform on and a record label. It turned out to be the start of an international victory tour.
Having hardly recovered from his first two releases in the Netherlands, Sven Väth calls from Frankfurt: ‘Can Egbert deliver a track for Cocoon, stat.’ Vreugdevuur becomes one of the most prominent releases of 2009 and after that things go fast. Really fast.
The loft quickly becomes history when Egbert closes the main stage of Time Warp, crushes Awakenings for no less than a dozen times in a couple years and graces Club Womb in Tokyo. Additionally, he is a frequent guest in Cape Town, Budapest, Ibiza, Melbourne and Singapore... Not bad for a guy who before his first release only flew in a plane once. But understand that wherever Egbert comes, all (let me repeat: ALL) hands will go up, and they will stay there.
“Very proud of him to be the youngest Dutch techno-hero bringing quality music to dance floors across the globe” - Rocco Veenboer, Awakenings
Egbert sets a new standard when he singlehandedly performs for 6 hours straight in a sold out club Melkweg in Amsterdam. The question is: what is someone who achieved so much in such a short period of time going to do next? No worries. Aside from the fact that he still has a countless amount of tracks waiting to see the world (thank you, loft), Egberts’ ambition and energy are limitless.

Harvey McKay (GAS only)


Described by Mixmag as ‘probably the techno pages most regular contributor’, Harvey McKay has created a distinctive style with a name that is synonymous with driving, soulful techno.

He has worked his way into the Drumcode stable with three top ten EPs and has gained support across the globe as one of the hottest techno producers around.

As a DJ, Harvey has an exceptional skill to read the crowd and has played at some of the biggest clubs around the world – Space Ibiza, Awakenings, Ultra Music Festival, Fabric, Space Miami and many more, he recently closed the first night of Loveland Weekender and has shows coming up at Intec's Sonar party, headlining the Elrow Stage at 18hrs Festival and his debut Australian tour.

With 3 Beatport Techno No.1’s to date, 9 top 10 releases Harvey was also Beatport techno’s 4th best selling artist of 2014. He has released on all the techno stalwarts: Drumcode, Cocoon, Bedrock, Intec and Soma.

Drumcode recently welcomed him back for his 3rd EP with his close to home EP ‘Glasgow Safari’ and his second Drumcode Radio mix.


Joey Daniel (GAS only)


This summer Joey is coming out with a range of new studio material. One single has been dropped with good friend Rub A Dub called “Jungle Stabbin”, on a Various Artists EP of one of Joey’s favourite labels, D-Floor (run by Leon, Pirupa and NiCe7’s). Another collab single with Rub A Dub is coming up on a VA of upcoming Parisian imprint InMotion, followed by a full collab EP by Joey and Rub A Dub on that same label. Next to this, there’s also a solo single of him, “Crossing Borders”, to be released on the upcoming Summer Sampler on NoExcuse, Rub A Dub’s own label. If that weren’t enough, Joey has got a multitude of solo EPs coming up on various labels – more info on that is following soon..

It didn’t come as a surprise though, that Joey was soon to fully focus on his DJ career again – specifically his international aspirations. Regarding this, 2015 has already been an incredible year for him, with bookings that took him across the globe. Like playing at sunrise during one of the most spellbinding after parties during The BPM Festival in Mexico last January, or his upcoming gig at Berlin’s revered Watergate club. More importantly though, it is the year Joey is granted the possibility to prove himself in Ibiza.

After playing various high-profile after- and villa parties on the White Isle back in the 2014 season, Joey got picked up by Music On. This brought forth one of Joey’s most defining moments: playing at Music On in a packed Amnesia, next to life long idols of his like Joseph Capriati, Hector, Stacey Pullen and of course head honcho Marco Carola himself. A moment engraved in his memory forever, where all he had worked for finally came together.

Since then he’s been taken up by the Music On family and booking agency, Orbeat Bookings, actively supporting Joey’s DJ career from now on. This has immediately led to many great bookings, like playing the popular Music On radio show at Ibiza Global Radio, its official pre party at Café Del Mar and the official after party with Joseph Capriati at the magical outdoor venue Cova Santa. Next to that, other gigs followed at Space Ibiza during the celebrated Elrow parties and one at the Love The Underground label night at Tox, Destino.


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Peter Eilmes


Peter Eilmes, one of the most active dj/producer/promoter in Frankfurt - a city with a long and eventful electronic music history. In a relatively short period of time, Peter (a.k.a. Plattenpeter) managed to become a resident dj at several of the most significant clubs in the area. As a party-promoter he has done a lot of grass-roots-work for the local Techno scene and has also been very busy and prolific in the studio. His productions have been released on various respected labels and he has played at globally well-known clubs and festivals such as Tresor, Space Ibiza and Nature One. With his profound love for music and his highly professional work ethos, Peter is continuously building his reputation as a reliable, technically skilled artist with an excellent intuition for the needs of the crowd.


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Phil Weeks


Whether DJing or producing, the Parisian with the huge personality delivers raw beats influenced in equal measure by classic Chicago house and nu‐school French flair, underpinned with a hip‐hop attitude. His long running Robsoul Recordings also defines him as one of the most skilled label heads in underground house music. In the studio Phil is dedicated to classic hardware like Akai’s MPC 3000 sampler and Roland’s TR909 drum machine. He has released more than 250 tracks and remixes since his debut in 2000, working with labels including 2020 Vision, Music For Freaks, Brique Rouge, Detour, Adult Only and his own Robsoul, which is responsible for the majority of his original output.
Phil’s work can also be found in the collaborations Fries & Bridges (with Hector Moralez) and PS Project/Bubba Beats & Kid Piston (with DJ Sneak). Production highlights include Phil’s three albums ‘Love Affair’ (2011), ‘Yeah I Like That’ (2003) and ‘Raw Instrumental’ (2012), alongside style‐defining singles ‘Hypnose’, ‘It Put Me Well’ and ‘All Day Every Day’. The music has been heavily supported by international dance press including achieving accolades such as MixMag’s and De‐Bug’s ‘Album Of The Month’, while DJs ranging from Danny Howells and Yousef to Mark Farina and DJ Sneak consistently play his tracks.
Behind the decks, Phil has racked up enough air miles to take him around the world several times over, with appearances at the world’s leading house clubs ‐ Queen’s Club, Sankeys, Circus, Ministry of Sound, Back to Basics and Stereo are all regular haunts, alongside his Paris residency ‘Get Underground’ at the infamous Rex Club. Phil has also fully embraced the relationship with his fans and house music fans in general – whether through his popular ‘Underground Chronicles’ video diaries on Youtube or his personal relationships on Facebook. Despite his success Phil isn’t one to brag. To him it’s all about keeping proper house music alive. Which just goes to prove Phil Weeks is a house music purist.


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Stefanik & Kaden b2b


Both Mathias Kaden and Daniel Stefanik of the DJ duo Stefanik&Kaden like to say of each other: “He’s the perfect back-to-back partner for me.” And the chemistry must in fact be perfect for these two successful DJs and producers to have complemented, surprised, and continually pushed each other for so many years. Mathias Kaden and Daniel Stefanik share a deep passion for electronic music and the liberating energy it releases at clubs and festivals. A sense of joy envelops them whenever they are at the turntables creating their sound magic – with a party that stretches from the dance floor right onto the stage.

The duo’s sets combine the sounds of the two impulsive DJs into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Mathias Kaden’s house, ranging from minimalistic to deep, and Daniel Stefanik’s subtly driving techno translate into a Stefanik&Kaden mix with its own immense wave of diverse sounds and atmospheres. While this synergy perhaps emerges most organically at their long gigs on their own home turf at the Distillery and Muna clubs, they are just as able to bring about a euphoric and dynamic dancing atmosphere at festivals such as Love Family Park, Think Open Air, and Soenda, and at shorter club gigs in Spain, France, and Britain.

Mathias Kaden and Daniel Stefanik first met at the Rohtabak Club in the small Saxon town of Döbeln in 2005, where they were both playing individually at a party. After Kaden’s set, they both realized that they had something in common, connected by a boundless joy in their music and in spinning records – even if the records in their collections were completely different. They would soon join forces to play together at Distillery in Leipzig and move on from there to countless other back-to-back sets throughout Europe. While the duo has also provided a few remixes for Pentatones, YouANDme, and Dosem, Stefanik&Kaden’s main focus remains on DJing together both in clubs and at special performances at festivals. And after ten years together, Stefanik&Kaden will be embarking on an anniversary tour in 2016 – with no end in sight!

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